Did you missed the Driving Dutch Design expo at Dutch Design Week 2019? Visite now YKSI expo, Eindhoven to get a recap of the exhibition of many drivers.

Yksi Expo is a platform that brings Dutch Design, technology, architecture and other creative disciplines together, with the emphasis on social design, sustainability and circular design. In the beautiful, industrial space of no less than 600 m2 in the very heart of Strijp-S, Leonne Cuppen (Yksi Connect) has her office, but also there are work spaces for (young) designers who provide constantly changing and innovative projects and presentations. SBK Kunstuitleen is also located there, while Koffie Keuten provides a delicious cup of high quality coffee.

On Wednesday the 20th of November 16.30-19.00 you are invited to Full Swing Wednesday at YKSI expo, where THE DRIVER expo is taking place.

The expo is now on till mid January 2020.


Tuesday- Wednesday 11.00am -18.00pm
Thursday- Sunday 10am-18.00pm
​Monday by appointment

Torenallee 22-04  5617 BD Eindhoven
+31 (0)40-7805033 / +31 (0)6-10573108